How To Spend Gift Cards?

On of the beautiful and inevitable truths about the holiday season is this: relatives at a loss for an appropriate gift will buy you a gift card. In many ways, it’s almost a blessing, considering the other options might be a oversized sweater or a food processor. The most common gift cards for nerds, I’ve found, are for books and video games so here are some helpful hints:

How to Spend a Barnes and Noble gift card according to John Green:


Playstation Network Points? What new games to buy or avoid according to IGN:


Microsoft Points? The top 5 XBLA games according to BaerTaffy:


Gamestop Gift Card? You’ve got some options here, trade in your old 3DS and get a new, on sale 3DSXL, pre-order one of the fabulous games coming out next quarter (Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, etc.) or buy one of the most anticipated games of this Christmas season according to Hype Games Network:



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