Wednesday Webcomic – VG Cats

This week’s featured webcomic is VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair.

Like you haven't done this in The Sims at least once.

What’s the Deal?: VG Cats, or Videogame Cats, is a parody comic along the lines of a Virtual Shackles or Penny Arcade. Spoofing video games that feature internet-famous troupes, VG Cats covers everything between Super Mario and Knight of the Old Republic. In a pretty cool website feature, Ramsoomair organized his archive based on what game is being parodied in a strip, which can be helpful f0r gamer and/or webcomic newbs in understanding what he’s referencing. It’s also helpful when he deviates from the gaming world into other nerd-friendly genres.

The Characters: The adorable anthropomorphic cats are named after Ramsoomair’s own kittens, Aeris and Leo. They are both equally adorable and ridiculous, only to be matched in unusual hilarity by characters like Dr. Hobo and  the “superhero” Pantsman.

The Art: The panels are always in full color and strips tend to be longer, which I appreciate (especially given the erratic update schedule). The art seems to be heavily inspired by a lot of Flash animation I’ve seen around Newgrounds.

Safe for Work?: It’s a fairly clean comic, I’d say PG-13 just for the more macabre sense of humor.

Frequency of Updates: Supposedly Mondays, but the schedule is sporadic at best.

– E.B.


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