Get the Deets on John Green

Many of you know that I am a major Nerdfighter & John Green fangirl. His books are excellent, and the vlog he runs with his brother, Hank Green, is fantastic. just released a wonderful 7-page interview with John and the questions are great. Easily one of the best interviews I’ve ever read and definitely one of the most interesting John Green interviews. They ask all sorts of fascinating questions covering his online identity, his literature and his charity work. This interview made me think of one of my favorite John Green interviews, where he describes his famous high school prank (Looking for Alaska fans will recognize this prank).

If you don’t know much about how wonderful John Green really is, visit his YouTube channel or buy his great collection of books. If you like young adult literature, even a little bit, you will love his stuff.

John Green also runs a very active Tumblr page that’s worth following. Hank and John also host a Nerdfighter-specific social networking site, where the vlogbrothers/John Green fan community interacts and collaborate over a variety of projects.

I hope you enjoy all of the great John Green goodness I have left with you. DFTBA! (Don’t Forget to be Awesome!)

– E.B.


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