I Love Hats. Especially Nerdy Ones.

I want you to look at this amazing hat:

A valiant young warrior!

Followed by this awesome hat:

Snorlax attacks with... drool? Awkward.

Followed by this totally ace hat:

Beep beep boop beep.

My point here being, Etsy seller Billionsandbillions aka Olive, knits some of the coolest hats I’ve ever seen. She caters to a lot of retro themes so you can find Link, Kirby, Mario and just about every color of Mage possible in her hat shop. They range from about $35-40 dollars, which is a little steep… but they seem worth it to me. Olive also takes commissions and requests so you can now get that Kingdom Hearts hat you’ve always wanted (or maybe that’s just me.)

One of my favorite internet finds ever!

– E.B.


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