Wednesday Webcomic – Amu’s World

This week’s featured webcomic is Amu’s World by Amubleu.
I love it when comics use

What’s the Deal?: In a similar vein of comic style as My Cardboard Life- Amu’s World is a caption comic about an incredible kawaii ninja named Amu. Because he didn’t fit in at home in his tradition ninja village, Amu has moved to Amitown looking for a place to belong. Infested with weird neighbors, visiting color ninjas and a bunny gang- Amu has his work cut out for him.

The Characters: Amu, the black sheep of his ninja family, is sarcastic and cute simultaneously. He’s supported by many wonderful side characters, like the ‘evil’ bunny gang.  It’s the citizens of Amitown that give this comic it’s distinct personality.

The Art: Adorable. Just stinkin’ adorable.

Safe for Work?: PG-ish. It’s pretty clean, save some knit-character violence.

Frequency of Updates: Wednesdays!

– E.B.


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