Cosplay Photographer – Torrence Levon Neal

The water is so cool!

WeNeals Photography and Retouching is run by Terronce Levon Neal, a cosplay photographer and retoucher based out of Colorado. His subjects vary across the nerd world, from anime to popular mainstream movies, every genre of cosplay is included. I had a good time looking through his DeviantArt gallery as well.

You ain't seen ponies like this.

Part of the fun for me was discovering that cosplay photography is a real industry. I had always known of a lot of cosplayers who do their own photography work, but this was one of the first times I’ve seen a photographer specialize in cosplay model shots.

So many Narutos.

I feel like Neal isn’t super well-known, and it seems he hasn’t been in the business for an excessively long time (he calls himself a noob concerning certain things) but I think he has some fun ideas and overall there’s a lot of effort put into his work. Just a fun little find for ya’ll.

– E.B.


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