Just Because You Can Make A Book Cover… Doesn’t Mean You Should.

The self publishing and independent publishing world is important for many authors. It’s a way to get started, and to get your story into the hands of other people.

HOWEVER, the way some people present their hard-wrought works is… questionable at best.

Lousy Book Covers is a Tumblr Blog that features the best (or is it worst?) of the bad book cover genre. Some of the greatest hits include:

This real. It's actually real. This is a REAL Kindle book. Really.

Hey, at least the hideous text means you don't notice the missing apostrophe.

I dunno what's creepier- the title or the implications from the cover?

Nothing makes me feel better as a designer or as a writer than looking at the tragedies featured on this blog, lemme tella it gets pretty sad. Enjoy the laughter at the expense of poorly thought out ideas.

– E.B.


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