Wednesday Webcomic – COMMISSIONED comic

This week’s featured comic is COMMISSIONED by Obsidian Abnormal.

What’s the Deal?: A great slice of life comic about nerdy guys and the things they love. If you play pen and paper roleplaying games, you will love the consistent gamer themes. The comic also does a great job of parodying classic troupes in film, books and television. Each comic, for the most part, is a stand alone story- so I love to read this comic when I have a few short minutes between classes.

The Characters: Having read a large number of the comics, I would have to be honest in saying I have no idea what the name of these characters happen to be… irregardless the two frequent protagonists a hilarious representations of today’s definition of a “nerd.”

The Art: COMMISSIONED progresses in art style throughout the comic’s history. I’ve actually noticed that this is a trend in many multi-day published webcomics. The current form has a streamlined ink look. My only complaint is that the blank white eyes make the characters look demon possessed/undead.

Safe for Work?: It’s fairly safe for work, minimal language and some bawdy humor. Rated “N” for Nerdiness.

Frequency of Updates: Updates on Mon/Wed/Fri.

– E.B.


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