750 Words: A Gift to Writers

Many nerds aspire to crafting sweeping sagas across warring nations, fantastical realms and distant galaxies. Sadly, many wonderful ideas never come to fruition because countless nerd writers stop after a few chapters of work. Perhaps they don’t even start, paralyzed with the fear they cannot possible write an epic of any worth.

Any and all writers can benefit from my new website addiction: 750 Words.

This is a private, online entry service that asks you to write 750 words a day (roughly 3 pages.) Each day you write contributes to your overall point score and you earn badges as you progress, showing your various successes. As you finish each entry, the program analyzes your submission and tells you what your most frequently used words were, what your dominate themes are and how you use sensory description. This is my favorite feature because even after a few days, you start to catch on to your habits as a writer, both the good and the bad.

So, if National Novel Writing Month is too ambitious for you, perhaps 750 Words is more your style. No matter what you write (fiction, journalism, non-fiction, blogging, etc.) you will benefit from this daily exercise!



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