Wednesday Cosplay – Marceline the Vampire Queen

It’s no secret that I have deep love for Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time.

Claire, aka Mishi, has one of the best Marceline cosplays I’ve seen in recent months. Her axe bass is extremely well made and the overall composition of the outfits makes sense for both the real world and for the Land of Ooo. As far as the skin coloration goes, this is definitely the best job I’ve seen. In none of the pictures does it look cracked or fading like most body painted Marcelines.

My favorite bits of the cosplay goes in the minor touches. Claire has custom fit ears and fangs to help make the appearance complete, and she even pays attention to the proper fingernail polish. This is an extremely well thought out and well planned cosplay. Claire has a FAQ concerning her Marceline costume that might be helpful to anyone looking to go to a con as the Vampire Queen too!

– E.B.


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