Free Nerdy Ringtones for iPhones


Inspired by this webcomic, I determined it was imperative to acquire the Firefly theme show as my ringtone. My hunting around the internet led me to a free download site, Audkio. Users can upload any type of ringtone or music theme and all of these are available for direct download. You can bookmark up to four ringtones without an Audkio account, but you have unlimited download access. Sadly, I was not able to figure out how to message the tones directly to a phone, but if your phone’s data is stored on your computer all of the tones download as .m4r files.

Some great ringtones I found:

  • The Ballad of Serenity – Firefly
  • Song of Prayer – Final Fantasy X
  • I’m Just Your Problem – Adventure Time
  • Song of Time – Legend of Zelda
  • Still Alive – Portal 
  • Roll a D6 – Youtube D&D Parody

Happy downloads!

– E.B.



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