Cartoon Network’s Purge

There were a lot of announcements coming from Cartoon Network concerning some revived franchises and the premature slaughter of others. Here’s the list of what’s going on on CN:

  • Cartoon Networked announced a new Powerpuff Girls special. According to CN, the original voices actresses are participating in the project to reprise their roles.  The animated short will be CGI, but fans are in a bit of a tizzy over the new, promotional redesign that has modified the traditional PPG look:

Not a huge fan myself, but I won't rule it out.

  • Many comic nerds will be dismayed to learn that Young Justice has been cancelled from the Saturday morning docket. After a horrendously long hiatus, I doubt anyone is surprised by the news, but it’s still tragic. This was a series that was well crafted and enjoyed some legitimate popularity. In fact, there has been a movement across the internet to attempt to save the show. If you loved Young Justice, then please feel free to sign this petition: Save Young Justice and Green Lantern!
  • Cartoon Network also cancelled Green Lantern: The Animated Series. While the internet community is trying to save both GL and YJ, it’s safe to say that Green Lantern’s run was beleaguered at best. The show was consistently interrupted and experienced months between episodes airing at different points. Unlike Young Justice, if this show is permanently axed, I doubt it will be remembered, which is sad because it was elegantly crafted.
  • In order to sooth the wounded nerd souls, Cartoon Network also announced the release of the new reiteration of the Teen Titans franchise, Teen Titans Go! This comedic series will be premiering in April, and joining the “DC Nation Block” of Cartoon Network’s lineup. Also announced was the new CGI designed Batman cartoon, Beware the Batman. This show promises to address a more serious tone of Batman stories, and will reportedly feature appearances from more obscure Batman villains like Professor Pyg from Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin comic series.

Seems a little dark from CN, but it could be awesome.

So that’s the major news from the cartoon front concerning Cartoon Network’s lineup. Adventure Time has remained untouched (thank god) and the new lineup looks interesting to say the least.

– E.B.


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