Nerdy Suckers – Lollipops FTW

What’s more delicious than a lollipop?

One in the shape of the Death Star:

Designer Lollipop is an Etsy seller who specializes in custom made isomalt lollipops with a nerdy motif. You can get all sorts of designs, from country flags to the Eye of Sauron. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with isomalt, it’s a fantastic substance- a sugar substitute and a sugar alcohol that is processed from real sugar made from beets. None of that weird and scary chemical stuff they use in some of the more frightening permutations of candy.

For custom candy, these retail for a fairly low price (below $20, shipping included) and these can make some awesome thoughtful gifts. For more, check out Designer Lollipop’s Etsy shop.

– E.B.


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