Wednesday Webcomic – nemu*nemu

This week’s featured comic is nemu*nemu by Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga.

So kawaii, it hurts your face.

What’s the Deal?: Have you ever had a moment that was so positively “kawaii” that you wanted to scream? Something so cutesy-wootsey that you could do nothing but smile like an idiot?

nemu*nemu is that moment condensed into a comic form. Brace yourself for a lot of adorable and warm fuzzies with this cute and clever comic.

The Characters: Nemu and Anpan are two two magical stuffed toy puppy dogs who live with their owners Kana and Anise. Together they go on hilarious adventures exploring what it’s like to live in our world. Dudley, their horsey friend, is definitely my favorite, for the record.

The Art: It’s cute, it’s adorable and it’s a bright – imagine webcomics Hello Kitty style. Except not annoying.

Safe for Work?: Completely.

Frequency of Updates: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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