The Best of Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen”

Hannah Hart is quite possibly my spirit animal. She’s the spunky and endearing hostess of YouTube’s ever so popular, My Drunk Kitchen series. Long story made short, Hannah drinks and (attempts) to cook at the same time, and it’s pretty hilarious.

I assume most of you have seen My Drunk Kitchen, but I really wanted to share a few of my favorite episodes with you!

  • CARAMEL APPLES! – It’s no secret that I love Felicia Day, so the fact that both of these women are in a single video, being hilarious and nerdy in costume basically made my life. One of the best MDK’s in Season 2.

  •  Baked Corn Dogs –  This particular episode features Hank Green and Hannah Hart cooking the classic Nerdfighter treat, corn dogs! Only they turn them into corn dog muffins and Grace Helbig from Daily Grace captures the crazy on film. This episode features some of the best classic “Hart improvisation” in the kitchen and some great internet celebrity (thanks Hank!)

  • Onion Rings – Hannah attempts to use a deep fryer after consuming a wee bit too much whiskey. The hazmat suit is necessary for safety and results in great hilarity.

These are three of my favorites, but I have deep love for most of MDK. It’s the perfect thing to put on while doing homework or if you need a quick cheer-me-up.

– E.B.

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