Cosplay Wednesday – Members of the Korra Krew

This week’s cosplay features a group cosplayers in their collaborative depiction of Mako, Asami, Bolin and General Iroh from Legend of Korra.

These pictures are pulled from Asami’s (aka Brenda “Chinasaur”) deviantart page. She and three other cosplayers, Le Pham (Iroh), “Avatarzara” (Bolin) and George Dugong (Mako) met up at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan and had a Legend of Korra inspired photo shoot. The setting definitely fits the feel of Republic City, and the Model T makes a great Satomobile.

This is my personal favorite photo from the shoot, partially because the setting is so perfect for recreating this battle planning scene from the show, and all of the costumes are high quality builds. I was impressed with all of the outfits, more specifically Asami’s and Iroh’s. Also, they totally ship Irosami (which is my official potential canon ship for LoK) so I might be a bit biased.

All of these individuals are accomplished cosplayers in their own right, but I am a particular fan of Le Pham and Brenda – they’ve done some more stuff together including a great Marshall Lee/Marceline cosplay. Check it out if that’s your jam.

– E.B.


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