Where to Find Epic Music on YouTube

Sometimes, when you’re writing a paper in the wee hours of the morning for a class you hate, you need some extra inspiration. When I want to feel motivated, I turn towards epic soundtrack music to help spur me along on those final pages.

I own a good amount of soundtrack music myself, but I frequently find myself looking for “mega mixes” on YouTube. These multi-hour playlist videos run in a continuous stream (no commercials!) and often feature clips of game footage and fantasy art as part of the video. The best channel I have found for epic music on YouTube is that of ThePrimeCronus.

This channel, dubbed the “Hall of Epic Music” is one of the the most extensive epic music collections on YouTube. The channel has a bevy of artist and scenario playlists, but the biggest feature is the collection of  “Epic Music Volumes.” These videos last from one to ten hours a pop and cycle through a vast collection of great soundtrack music. They are typically collections of music following particular thematic ideas or compilations of a single artists’ discography.

Hopefully this is will lead you on your way to inspiration!

– E.B.


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