Truth or Fail: YouTube’s Game Show

Hank Green has many pet projects on YouTube. His most recent project, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has been met with great popularity and a zealous fanbase. Another one of his projects is a gameshow called Truth or Fail.

The premise of Truth of Fail is pick a topic, and Hank (or whoever is hosting that particular episode) will ask you five questions. Each question is hosted on a separate video, and each question has one true answer and one false or “fail” answer. Click the embedded link within each video for whichever response you believe to be correct, and you are sent to the video telling you whether or not you failed and presenting the next question in the sequence.

They have a bunch of topics, from facts about Cats to Harry Potter to Nintendo. This game show is a nerd’s bread and butter!

So give it a go- you’ll have fun and you might even learn a few things:


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