Wednesday Webcomic – Freewheel

This week’s featured comic is Freewheel by Liz Baillie.

Freewheel- Chapter 1

What’s the Deal?: Freewheel is about a girl named Jamie and her brother Jack. Both are in the foster care system, but Jack goes missing one day. In her quest to find her brother  she gets discovers from community of runaways and vagabonds living in an improvised society in the forest. Their world is one outside of our own, posing it’s own rewards and challenges.

The Characters: Jamie is pretty endearing as a main character. This girl may be young, but she’s smart and she is pretty resourceful. Fingerfoot, the main scout for the “nest” (the name for the grouping of forest dwellers) is a classic example of a wizened old veteran leader. The culture of the forest dwellers acts as a character in itself- the society’s rules and customs greatly shape the nature of the story and the interactions between characters.

The Art: The gritty, black and white realism of Freewheel is pretty dark gorgeous. Liz Baillie is a talented illustrator, so while her style is not the usual comic fare, she makes it work.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: Sadly, Freewheel is on an indefinite hiatus. However, there are over twelve chapters, so there’s plenty to read through.

– E.B.


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