Microcosm Publishing – For Your Indie Buying Needs

Microcosm Publishing is an indie publishing house based out of Portland, Oregon.

Where the magic happens

The premise behind MP follows a model of scaling pricing and subscription fees. When buying from MP, you pay what you can based on a scale that ranges according to appropriate cost level. For example, I recently bought some indie comics from MP, and I had the option of paying five dollars through eight dollars for each comic. The shipping is extremely reasonable, especially because you can request media mail, which is even cheaper than USPS first class. MP focuses primarily on publishing books and graphic novels, with a particular emphasis on females in the industry. While only an average of 30% of their authors are women, about 50% of the content they publish was written by women.

Microcosm Publishing split into two companies, and their secondary distribution center, Pioneer Press also prints and sells buttons, t-shirts, posters and other sundry items.

Check this out to feed that inner punk indie liberal inside.

– E.B.


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