LEGO… Because Sometimes Childhood Needs Revisiting

I doubt I am the only 20-something in this world who still builds with LEGO toys on occasion. Most recently, my friends Galen and Laura came over to my house to build my Hogwarts and Hogwarts Express LEGO sets for fun.

Yes, that is an N7 paper art of Femshep. My friend Ben is awesome.

Our finished products on my bookshelf.

I, therefore, wanted to feature some of the most fun LEGO sets out there for nerds who might be a little bit older than the target demographic of LEGO Group. I have had the immense pleasure of building most of these sets, they are complicated but fun (Minecraft aside) and hold a certain Nerd joy. In particular, I feel that the Hobbit Set, An Unexpected Gathering, is one of the best LEGO sets that has ever been published. It’s gorgeous and a lot of fun to construct. Here are my top 5 Nerd-friendly LEGO sets:

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Gathering

2. The Old Republic: Sith Fury-Class Interceptor

3. Minecraft

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout

5. Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Helm’s Deep

– E.B.


3 thoughts on “LEGO… Because Sometimes Childhood Needs Revisiting

  1. I have never seen that Arkham set. That looks amazing. Where’s $160 I don’t need? In trying to bring up four nerdlings properly, I have been careful to expose them to all the awesomeness of Lego and similar products. Then there are the sets that are safely kept up on my shelf… my personal favorite being a TARDIS my wife found from the UK, complete with 11th Doctor (w/sonic screwdriver) and Amy Pond. Entertainment Earth has those up on their site –

      • Character Builders, I believe, is the proper title. I was just browsing the site and found a Dalek Factory set. GAH! Clearly I need more disposable income to support proper nerdling-raising, because unfortunately the UK sets are a bit pricey.

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