Cool New ThinkGeek Toys

ThinkGeek has recently added some new toys and gizmos to their site that I thought everyone should know about- these products are simply too cool for school.

1. The new interactive BMO from Adventure Time! Insert an iPad Mini and you can play every game Finn and Jake bro-out over in the the show. Great for cosplayers or just ol’ fashioned totally mathematical fun.

2. Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp – Perhaps you’d be more productive if you thought the all seeing Eye was keeping watch over you?

3. Get out all your Fus Ro Dah with this Dovakiin Hoodie. Dragon Shout included (seriously.)

4. Tired of lame superheroes and stale comic books? Use the Make Your Own Super hero kit to create your very own action figure. No copyrights included though.

5. Have you always been jealous of Cloud’s angst and massive sword? Well, you can’t buy angst (start a livejournal?) but you can buy this Massive Cosplay Titan Sword to try to emulate everyone’s favorite (to mock) JRPG hero.

– E.B.


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