Wednesday Webcomic – A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: Leaf Green

This week’s featured webcomic is A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: Leaf Green Edition by Petty.

What’s the Deal?: You have probably heard of playing Pokemon on “Hard Mode” or The Nuzlocke Challenge. You can only catch the first Pokemon you meet in every starting area, and once a Pokemon faints it “dies” (you release it) and it can no longer be used. Petty is a comic artist who decided to play Pokemon Leaf Green with this challenge. Petty has chronicled her playthrough in webcomic form.  The story she tells is both heart breaking and hilarious – it’s amazing how much more individual Pokemon matter when their deaths MEAN something. It’s a great story and it’s fun to see her play through the classic Pokemon plot revamped in Leaf Green.

The Characters: The featured Pokemon trainer is “Locke,” a young woman who might not be the best Pokemon trainer, but she cares about her ‘mon. I feel that Petty does a great job of giving each Pokemon an individual personality and enough characterization to really facilitate emotional attachment to the Pokemon.

The Art: The art is nothing special, but it’s crisp enough it doesn’t sear your eyeballs. The facial expressions are key in communicating moments and she does that really well.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: This particular edition, the Leaf Green playthrough, is complete. Petty has another playthrough in the works however, of the HeartGold edition. You can find that one here.

– E.B.


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