Wednesday Cosplay – The Final Fantasy of My Childhood

This Final Fantasy X cosplay team makes me smile with all of the fantastic nostalgic memories they evoke. The group as a whole has some solid costume and weapon artistry. Auron and Tidus’ swords look like their digital counterparts, and the detailing in the costumes is very well done.

I am particularly featuring the Yuna cosplayer, Nina. She and many of her friends (you can find their projects in her gallery) design and cosplay costume sets from many popular franchises. She covers many different Final Fantasy games, other popular JRPGs and mangas like Naruto and Black Butler.

Her Yuna, from both FFX and FFX-2 are really well done. In comparison to other Yuna cosplayers, I have found her weapons and accessories are significantly higher in quality. Also, her costumes fit her well and maintain the appropriate level of character modesty in respect to both games.

The game might have sucked, but this is a great FFX-2 cosplay

Nina also has some great photography of her cosplay, lots of dynamic motion and dramatic setting. I really loved looking through her gallery.

– E.B.


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