Emulators, Getcha Emulators!

My Gameboy Color was one of my best friends growing up. I took that thing with me on every car trip and every long fancy event my family brought me to. I loved it, but when the Gameboy Advance came around, I converted to the shiny new toy.

I replaced my first love with something better... does that make me a bad person?

I have since abandoned system after system with each new iteration. But, inspired by the Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges, I decided to reach back into my childhood and play games from my childhood.

Now, trying to find these cartridges and chargers (or AA batteries) to play these games is a serious hassle. Impossible in some cases.

That’s why I’ve decided to use an emulator to play my Nuzlocke challenge of Pokemon Emerald (originally a GBA title).

I recommend using the Visual Boy emulator program (compatible for both Mac and Windows) – it’s simple to install and use.

As for ROMs, the files you use to play the games, I recommend using the site CoolROM. They have a wide selection of ROMs and I have had good experiences with all of them (no corrupted files or anything.)

As a note, I do NOT support illegally downloading video games that are available through other means. If you can buy it in a store, off of Steam or on the Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo e-store, then please support the franchises and design teams and buy your games legally. 


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