Featured Art(ist) – Daren Horley

Daren Horley is a London based artist at where he currently works at the studio, Framestore. Daren has created concepts and designs for feature films including: Wrath of the TitansClash of the TitansPrince Of Persia, The Dark KnightUnderworld, The Golden Compass and many more.

Personally, I love Horley’s concept art for the supernatural and the divine pantheons. His monsters and Gods are, for lack of a more intricate term, epic. The designs are on a massive and beautiful scale.

Plus, as far as his professional success, this is an artist of significant CG design caliber. Horley is the guy responsible is for this:

I mean, seriously. That’s some amazing (and gross) texture work.

Horley’s a talented artist and we will definitely be seeing his work in movies to come.

– E.B.


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