Wednesday Webcomic – Rare Candy Treatment

This week’s featured webcomic is Rare Candy Treatment by Olle Johansson.

What’s the Deal?: Rare Candy Treatment is a one-shot comic the spoofs and critiques the tropes of the Pokémon universe. If you grew up playing the games or watching the television shows, this comic will resonate deeply with your inner nerd.

The Characters: Since it is a one shot comic, there are few reoccurring characters. However, many of the famous Pokémon celebrities (Dr. Oak, Dr. Elm, etc) make appearances throughout the comic.

The Art: The style varies it up, depending on what the comic needs to better communicate the strip. It’s fun, with a lot of use of color to help make the world akin to it’s game/cartoon counterpart.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: Roughly once a month.

– E.B.


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