Gemini Rue – The Best Argument for Narrative on iOS

Here’s my Gemini Rue review that was originally posted on Pxlbyte last week. Enjoy!

Blade Runner meets Monkey Island in this classy and brilliant adaptation of Wadjet Eye’s point and click adventure, Gemini Rue.

Gemini Rue for iOS

Platform: iOS available for iPhone and iPad

Release Date: April 11, 2013

Price: $3.99

Players: Single-Player

Gemini Rue was released for the PC in 2011 and now, two years later, this point and click adventure has made its way to the iOS. Gemini Rue proves to be one of the best arguments for utilizing the iOS as a legitimate storytelling medium, as its gritty, cyberpunk adventure comes alive at your fingertips.  The storyline alternates between two characters: ex-assassin Azrial, and a man held in a correctional facility. The plot develops through puzzle solving, working with objects and talking to the other characters in a gameplay style reminiscent of point and click adventures like Monkey Island.


The atmosphere the game goes for is a sort of oppressive gloominess, and it executes it at a very high level. The pixelated retro style would normally take away from this atmosphere, but coupled with the dialogue and the soundtrack, the mood within the story is perfectly ominous. The controls (aside from the gun fights) work well for the iOS formatting. Through dragging, dropping, swiping and tapping, your characters are able to interact with the world in a very responsive way.

The voice over work and soundtrack help set the standard for what is possible on the iOS platform. Anyone who is worried about how Gemini Rue might have ported over from the PC should not fear, as the quality of the narrative has been carefully maintained.

The puzzles are clever and fun, and their integration into the storyline is interesting. While they are fairly simple and straightforward in difficulty level, they present a worthy challenge.


The cover-based firefights feel awkward; you only survive the gunfights through extremely careful perfect timing. These moments feel jarring and ill-fitting within the context of the gameplay but they are, fortunately, few and far between.

The Verdict:

Gemini Rue is easily one of the best modern point and click adventure games. If you love compelling narrative or if you were a fan of classic games like Monkey Island or Full Throttle, than you will most likely enjoy Gemini Rue. It’s worth the $3.99, so I would surely recommend purchasing it for your iPhone!

– E.B.


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