C2E2 2013 – Sunday in Review

This year, I had the pleasure of going to the Chicago Entertainment Expo in the city this year. I could only go on Sunday, but the show was still in full swing.

Indie Games :)

C2E2 had a much stronger gaming presence this year, especially from the indie gaming community. One of the games I took particular note of was called Planet’s Core. It’s being developed for PC/Mac, Android and iOS. It’s a platformer game built off of a multi-planet universe. I sat and played the demo for a while, and while it was a little buggy, it still seemed creative and fun. The demo will launch for PC and Android soon, and the game is hopefully going to be released in about three months time.

Planet's Core Game

Overall, there was a lot of merch. Sundays at C2E2 are more or less a  materialism frenzy of last day deals and children begging their parents for one more plushie. There was a small but strong contingent of steampunk/leather workers, and they had some awesome stuff, like this Iron Man battle vest.

Iron Man leather battle suit.

One of my favorite things about cons and expos is the fabulous t-shirt inventory. My friend and I bought about 4 among us, ranging across all of the possible fandoms. My favorite find was this little gem:

Pokemon + Game of Thrones = Win.

I also noticed some distinctly impressive cosplay this year, which was odd since there were no adult cosplay events on Sunday. Adventure Time cosplay seemed particularly popular along with Homestuck. The best quality costume (including hair, make-up, outfit and accessories) was this FemHawke from Bioware’s Dragon Age 2.

Yes, that is a working mage staff.

I also had the opportunity to meet Felicia Day. When I was a young nerdling, Felicia Day was one of the most influential web-celebrities in affirming the coolness of nerd girls. She’s one of my heroes, and she was super sweet and friendly – it was great to meet her. C2E2 had a fairly extensive guest list this year, which was promising for future years of the Con.

Overall, I felt that C2E2 2013 had grown and developed from last year’s Con. It was a great show, and I hope to attend all three days next year as press! We’ll see.

– E.B.


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