Webcomic Wednesday – Cat Versus Human

This week’s featured webcomic is Cat versus Human by Yasmine.

What’s the Deal?: Cat versus Human is, perhaps, the perfect webcomic for that crazy cat lady shut-in who lives next door. It’s also particularly hilarious for people who just know cats and how they clearly hate humanity.

Yasmine often inserts cats into famous children’s fairytales, and the results are both adorable and humorous.

The Characters: The humans change, but the Cat is always one in the same. A loving, infurriating (ha, get it?) orange kitty who just wants to be fed and pet on occasion.

The Art: It has this classy, hipster art feel and I think Yasmine does a good job of story telling through her art panels.

Safe for Work?: Yep. 

Frequency of Updates: A few times a month.

– E.B.


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