Nerd Tattoos are Best Tattoos (Pt. 2)

Because I’m still on a major Pokémon kick, this Nerd Tattoos feature will be PokéThemed!

First off, I am not the only PokéFan who is interested in people who memorialize their childhood through these tattoos.  There is actually an entire Tumblr page dedicated to Pokémon tattoos that’s worth following.

The Kanto League Badges

A Beautiful Pokémon Sleeve

Vaporeon Leg Tattoo

This is a super popular Pokémon tattoo.

Classic 8-Bit Pokémon Yellow Homage

I am so tempted to get the Squirtle tattooed on my ankle.

My personal favorite – stylized original starters

For such a classic and nostalgic show/video game, Pokémon is clearly a very popular tattoo idea for our generation. It was interesting to note that the majority of people with Poké tattoos only used the original 151 Pokémon, none of the later generations.

A classic is a classic I suppose!

– E.B.


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