Support Otis Production’s “The Argonaut”

While I was perusing Kickstarter, I noticed an interesting film project taking place in my neck of the woods, Chicago.

Otis Productions is a film group committed to making movies on actual film, preserving the art of shooting on super-16mm film. Their movie last year, The Composing, has a great trailer.

This new film, The Argonaut looks gorgeous. The plot, according to the Kickstater page goes thusly;

Allie wakes up, after taking her own life, in a room filled with memories in the form of photographs, negatives and slides that cover the floors and walls. Unable to move onto the other world, she slowly realizes that she can relive each one. Allies comes to understand that the memories are picked by the room she now inhabits, forcing her to deal with problems she was originally running from.

It’s a relatively dark premise, but I think it sounds both meaningful and beautiful. Here’s the promotional still from the film:

So if you feel so inclined, consider supporting these Chicago based filmmakers! Their goal is to reach $3,862 funded by May 26th. As of Sunday, May 5th, they were 13% funded- so seriously, think about helping these guys out!

Click here for their Kickstarter page.

– E.B.


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