Nerd Fun for the Kitchen

Moving into a new kitchen has a way of making you reconsider and desire all new appliances and shiny toys. I was inspired when I moved out of my old apartment (hence why I missed last week’s posts) to look at acquiring new nerd swag for my kitchen.

Here’s a list of ThinkGeek gear I find particularly enticing:

It's the little TIE Fighter that gets me every time.

Death Star Tea Infuser – $19.99

Just in time for the new movie!

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter – *On Sale* $22.99

Exterminate! Exterminate! Too much sodium! Exterminate!

Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Salt & Pepper Shakers – $17.99

Red versus Blue! LED Faucet Lights – $19.99

Silent but deadly. Sugar overdose.

Ninjabread Cookie Cutters – $9.99

All of these little supplies help bring some enjoyable nerd flavor and fun into your kitchen, curtesy of ThinkGeek.

– E.B.

P.S. This last thing is not inherently nerdy, but it is full of science and it is totally awesome. Check out its demo video!

Vacuum Brewer – $79.99


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