Webcomic Wednesdays – Strays

This week’s featured webcomic is Strays by Samantha Whitten (owner of previously featured GaMERCaT webcomic) and Stacey Pefferkorn.

What’s the Deal?: Strays is a fantasy, action/adventure webcomic that takes place in a world where mythical animals are real and humanoid races are common (example: Lupians, people who can shape-shift into wolves). The story follows a young Lupian girl named Meela and a mute mercenary named Feral as they try to make it in a cruel world.

The Characters: Meela is quite possibly one of the most adorable main characters I’ve ever read. She casts a good balance between annoying and endearing, which is appropriate given her age and circumstances. Feral, her mute counterpart, is mysterious but relatable and the writers do a good job of developing his character without any dialogue on his part.

Overall, the characters I have met thus far have been extremely likable- there’s a good cast of supporting characters and antagonists surrounding the two main characters.

The Art: This is definitely one of the most charming and beautiful comics I’ve read online. It’s done in full color, with fluid action and some really appealing combat. I binge read the entire thing in one night, it was so beautiful and engrossing.

Safe for Work?: Yep. 

Frequency of Updates: Every Friday.

– E.B.

One thought on “Webcomic Wednesdays – Strays

  1. I have been reading this comic and I must say, unless you are a fan of good art, this comic doesn’t have much going for it in terms of story.

    It lacks a direct plot as well as character development. The story starts off seeming like it will be about two bounty hunters going on adventures. That plot is entertained for a bit, but it quickly changes to focusing more of the mystery of who or what Meela is. Along the way it has character interaction, but a lot of it is general interaction, it does not show any deeper growth that the characters may have on each other. A perfect time for character development could have been when Meela was being trained, but instead that was passed as a quick time skip. Shortly after the timeskip, Feral is shown to have great concern and cares for Meela, but there have been no real bonding moments between the two that would provide evidence for this shift in character.

    Another problem is that where the writer lacks in character development and plot, she tries to make up for it in mystery. This is the most annoying part of the comic. Almost every couple of pages, a new question is thrown into the story. “Who is Meela?” “Who is Feral?” “What is Meela?” “Why does she see Feral’s past?” “Who are the people trying to attack her?” “What are her powers?” Etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and the story has barely been developed. Mysteries are what make a story interesting and keeps the readers thinking and wanting more, but only if they are done tastefully. Questions like these should be handed to the reader in small doses and then should be followed with a few answers which may lead to more questions later. However, Strays just keeps shoving one question after another to the reader and barely lets the reader digest it before another is shoved in their face. No answers are given thus leaving a lot of confusion in its wake.

    After reading this comic so far, I have developed no connection or feelings for any of the characters and I have little idea what is going on or what the central plot is? The only thing that keeps me reading is the beautiful artwork. All in all, this story does not seem like it’s worth the investment for those of you looking for a good plot.

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