Featured Art(ist) – Tyler Champion

This week’s featured art(ist) is Tyler Champion.

Tyler Champion is one of my favorite fan artists on the web. He has this great, campy feeling cartoon style that I love, as well as some more realistic drawing repertoire. He was recently featured on DeviantArt for his Adventure Time print for the I Love You Man show at Bottleneck Gallery.

His work is professional grade and I really feel like you can tell he has fun making artwork. The use of color for highlighting and emphasis feels very comic book, and it works really well for his style and genre choice. His work is expansive in genre, however mostly focusing on popular mainstream nerd culture favorites like Mario, Game of Thrones, etc.

It’s a shame his gallery is so small (considering he’s been active, at least on DeviantArt, for 4 years) but his pieces have an appealing flair about them. Hopefully there will be more cool stuff for years to come.

– E.B.


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