Wednesday Cosplay – Commander Shepard Reporting for Duty

This might be my favorite of the cosplays I have featured. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a complete and total BioWare junkie and screaming FemShep fangirl. That being the case, when I saw Angela Bermudez‘s incredible Commander Shepard Cosplay, I squealed like never before.

I have seen a lot of FemSheps. I have seen them styled in Renagade and Paragon fashions. I’ve seen Casual FemShep, Battle Armor FemShep and Military Femshep. Of all of those cosplays Angela has, quite possibly, the best FemShep  I have ever seen. The armor is gorgeous, and the high quality of distressing detail makes it look like she’s been fighting a space war for years. The armor fits well on her body, it looks like it was tailor made and ready for battle.

The thing that really sold me was Angela’s armor backplate. It is the most amazing piece of cosplay armor I have seen to date. The slash marks, the energy meters, and the molding are all Hollywood grade quality and accurate to the Mass Effect canon.

In addition, I feel like Angela has a dynamic nature in her photo shoots and this emphasizes the realistic effect of the costume. Her nature sets her apart as a phenomenal member in the cosplay community.

Seriously, too awesome. I am Angela Bermudez’s biggest new fan.

– E.B.


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