Xbox One, Big Success or Big Bust for Gamers?

Not Durango.

Not Infinity.

Not simply Xbox.

Apparently this is… The One.

The Xbox One was revealed on Monday,  and oddly enough, I have found more gamers feeling “meh.” than “wahoooo!” about Microsoft’s new console.

What was so underwhelming about the Xbox One reveal? A few things:

  • In the presentation, they failed to show gamers what they REALLY want – games. They spent the majority of the time talking about things we don’t really care about, like design and television features.
  • Microsoft, on the whole, is focusing on how the Xbox One will be a “family” entertainment system. Do you know what that sounds like? The WiiU. Yeah, that “next gen” console that just dropped below 7,000 units in sales in their home turf of Japan. “Family entertainment console” translates to BAD in gamer minds.
  • Kinect, that device people didn’t really care about, is now required. It is an improved version, but it’s not like that was what gamers were clamoring for…
  • The Xbox One will not be letting indie games self publish. Good move Microsoft, PS4 will just have to come take all those developers then.
  • The Xbox One will potentially be non-compatible with used games, or there may be a fee associated with playing a used game.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but there’s no use in really gauging the pulse of the gaming community pre-E3. Microsoft’s conference at that event will most likely emphasize more of what games we can expect to see on the console, and I am really hoping for some new IPs. If we just get more COD, Forza and Halo, I genuinely don’t think the Xbox One will be something I buy in the next year or two.

Here’s to hoping that Microsoft delivers on the goods gamers need on June 11-13th at E3.

– E.B.


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