Featured Art(ist) – Noah Bradley

Noah Bradley is a professional artist responsible for creating the worlds many of us nerd know and love. His art and paintings can be found in Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering (where I found him), the Game of Thrones card game, etc. They have also been used as concept art for video game developers.

The scale and vibrancy of his work is stellar, I think Bradley creates some of the brightest and most interesting landscapes in the gamerverse.  He creates art from a variety of contexts, from classic Tolkienian high fantasy, to nautical pirates to grand Arabian metropolises. The diversity of his work is both impressive and of exceptional quality.

Bradley has begun an online mentorship program for young artists who are determined to improve their skills. He also has a online lecture/seminar called “The Art of Freelancing” where he discusses how it is actually possible to make money off of art. It’s a fascinating lecture, and the five hours go by very quickly,  so if you are an artist or even just interested in the arts in general, I’d give it a listen.

– E.B.


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