Unrest: The RPG for the Peons

Death in the real world is an inevitable reality, each person is born and each person dies, and the world keeps turning. Games have always struggled to convey the permanence of death amidst the continuation of civilization.

Unrest is an RPG that wants to change that.

Set in ancient India, this role playing game strives to capture the lives of ordinary men and women trying to survive in a time of civil discord and chaos. As a gamer and story teller, I have always been fascinated in backgrounds of the peons, the people who get quickly stabbed and executed as the hero runs out the door. Unrest isn’t about the Chosen One, it’s about everyday people.

With combat being fast, one on one and the last resort, the game focuses on conversation and relationships as the major agencies of change. It’s conceptually innovative, so while the artwork doesn’t necessarily look amazing, it still looks like it could be a quality game.

This Kickstarter project is already funded nearly $9,000 past it’s goal, but I would still say investing in it is worth while. The various stretch goals will go to lengths of improving of the quality of the artwork, level creation, soundtrack quality and more.

Be sure to check it out!

– E.B.


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