Webcomic Wednesday – Wake the Sleepers

This week’s featured webcomic is Wake the Sleepers by Kristy Kuechenmeister (what an epic last name!)

What’s the Deal?: Wake the Sleepers is the story of young man named Locke Vun Rinannis. Locke has strange marks on his arm, a blank memory of the past and high bounty on his head. He’s wandering the world in search of answers, but soon finds that some truths might best be left untouched. He is surrounded by a fascinating cast of allies, which he will need in order to confront his enemies, both known and unknown, on his journey.

The world of Wake the Sleepers is diverse, populated with interesting cultures and a vivid lore. I had a good time reading through this fantasy epic.

The Characters: Locke is a very interesting main character, following a fairly classic troupe of the man with an unknown past and unknown power, but he manages to feel original in many sense. I’m also a big fan of the mercenary Madoc Parnell, a laid back master assassin with a quick sword and even quicker tongue.

The Art: Solid webcomic artwork- the characters have some really distinctive appearances and the backdrops are well done in general. The supernatural effects are well depicted throughout the comic. It’s a great looking fantasy webcomic all in all.

Safe for Work?: Yep.

Frequency of Updates: Every Friday.

– E.B.


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