Can Double Fine Repeat History?

Double Fine is one of the major reasons why Kickstarter gained such fame as a launching platform for independent games. Their Double Fine Adventure campaign raised over $3 Million, more than seven times their funding request of $400K.

They have now launched a new project,  “Massive Chalice” and it seems they are hoping to repeat history and raise more than enough money to finance their new project.

Some people have said Double Fine is now just using Kickstarter for money grabbing, that Chalice doesn’t seem that inspired.

I don’t think that’s true.

Massive Chalice is an ambitious project, a tactics game striving to encompass a multi-generational timeline. Given the popularity of the multiple generation mechanic in this year’s Fire Emblem: Awakening, I think it’s a good and popular choice for the current trends in gaming. With the ability to arrange marriages, interbreed bloodlines and customize your heroes, this game looks like the closest thing we might ever get to  real Game of Thrones-esqe video game. Politics, warfare and romance – all the makings of an impressive game in my opinion.

The world of Massive Chalice

I’m excited to see what Double Fine plans on doing with the game, especially if they re-experience such over-funding. And to all the people saying Double Fine is just taking advantage of their fame and Kickstarter… if the model ain’t broke, why fix it?

If you are interested in funding the project, you have until June 27th to go here and donate!

– E.B.


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