Wednesday Cosplay – Luke, I am Your… Mother?

Who needs a whiny Anakin Skywalker or a demented Emperor Palpatine to run your Sith movement when you have Lady Vadore? This steampunk, feminine re-imagining of everyone’s favorite former Jedi with serious breathing issues rocks my socks. Seriously, the extensive nature of the costume design is incredible and the small light touches really set the outfit apart. The gloves and boots seem durable and the boots feature some nice detail work.

This cosplay was done by Jen of EPBOT –click here for her blog post on how she executed the project. What I am even more impressed with is that the entire outfit, minus the cane and light saber only cost $260 dollars! That includes accessories like her vintage compact and the welder’s goggles. I am inspired by both the design and thrift of this particular cosplay. Also, I just think it’s a fabulously fun idea to steampunk Star Wars characters, their original designs translate very well to the Victorian styles.

Jen has a site/blog where she posts her creations and finds, with a particular emphasis on the steampunk subculture. I would suggest checking it out if you dig the Lady Vadore scene!

– E.B.



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