Roll 20 – Expanding the Tabletop Across the Continent

At the end of this academic year, many of my best friends and fellow adventurers graduated – leaving behind manuals and dice to never be touched again.

Or so we thought.

Despite the fact we have been scattered to the far corners of the world by the winds of change, there is a shining beacon on the horizon that screams “YOU CAN PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS TOGETHER ONLINE!” or Roll 20 is a free virtual tabletop interface that allows you to continue your marry adventures, no matter where your cleric may live! The free base account provides unlimited access to everything you need to run a campaign, including a map interface and multi-person conference calls. You have access to art, sound clips, anything you need to create the world of the story you are trying to tell.

Having watched some demo sessions online, I feel that Roll 20 might even be a superior option to playing a D&D campaign with traditional pen and paper. The idea of meta-gaming is removed in many instances because private inter-player chat is available. There’s a match making option for people looking to play in a campaign but for me, the connection to my friends no matter their city is invaluable.

Below is the GM demo offered on the official site for Roll 2o.

– E.B.


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