Wednesday Webcomic – Plume

This week’s featured webcomic is Plume by K. Lynn Smith.

What’s the Deal?: Plume is a story of the Old West, featuring a young girl named Vesper Grey and her supernatural, amulet bound companion, Corrick. Her father, an archeologist, leaves behind a legacy of powerful artifacts and mysterious enemies. Together, they strive to recover her father’s work in the wild and untamed West.

The Characters: Vesper and Corrick are a great duo. Even though the comic is fairly young in its plot, the author does an excellent job characterizing them and depicting their chemistry.

The Art: I am a HUGE fan of the visual art style in Plume. Smith has an masterful grasp of the power of subtle changes in posture and facial expression, as well as a dynamic sense of movement in comic frames. The overall color palette of the comic is fitting to the 1900’s-esqe Old West feel and the costume design is lovely.

Safe for Work?: Definitely.

Frequency of Updates: Every Monday.

– E.B.


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