Why I’m Buying a PS4

Going into this year’s E3, all eyes were focused on the giants of the gaming console war, Sony and Microsoft. With Nintendo increasingly irrelevant due to horrific WiiU sales, Sony and Microsoft bear the burden of ushering in the next generation of gaming.

We already knew that this year’s conference would focus on the previously announced Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. Microsoft started off the conference, laying a smack down of high concept dreams and promises for their new console. Sony’s conference followed, and Sony was swinging for Microsoft and proud about it. As the dust settled, we now have the facts about the next generation of gaming.

Who emerged from E3 victorious in the pre-release console promotion war? I’m with Team Sony on this one.

I am officially ordering my launch console of the PS4. I have always loved Sony products, but this last generation, the Xbox 360 was my primary console of choice. What changed my mind?

Five reasons:

  1. It can survive without internet connection every 24 hours. As a university student, I often have connectivity issues on my campus. Connecting my console to the internet is simply not an option some days, so the Xbox One would be a hassle to manage.
  2. Sony is leaving the used games debate up to the publishers.
  3.  It’s cheaper. Significantly cheaper. Even with a Playstation Plus subscription, will be $100 less than an Xbox One with XBLA.
  4. Superior design, in both hardware and interface. The specs on the PS4 and the leaked footage of the console interface are pretty much drool worthy.
  5.  Sony has the games. With an extensive collection of first party studios, plus allowing independent game studios to publish their own titles without Sony assistance, their game library has the potential to be immense.

It would be unfair to completely write off the Xbox One, but at this point, it looks like the console war is Sony’s to lose.



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