Featured Art(ist) – MaryIL

MaryIL is a Russian DevianArt member who’s been active for around five years. Her beautiful watercolor artworks have been featured by the site multiple times, and it’s easy to see why that’s the case. Her art has a smoothness and fluidity in both the colors and composition that is extremely appealing. For example, in the skyline above, I feel like the sky has a life and dynamic sense about it- as though the clouds are actually moving.

MaryIL is also a big fandom artist. The above portrait of Castiel from Supernatural, shows how traditional anime and manga art styles have influenced her work. Her paintings/drawings remind me of the work of Ai Yazawa, the woman responsible for the Paradise Kiss and Nana manga series.  Most of the fandoms MaryIL engages with are centered around anime/manga and television, but occasionally there’s a special internet treasure like this…

And with that, I must leave you with this.

– E.B.


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