Wednesday Cosplay – And Now for Something Different…

The quality of photography can really make or break a cosplay. If you are spending hundreds of dollars into getting a “just right” outfit, why memorialize your achievement with an iPhone quick pic? No, no, no. You need to get a professional photographer on this one, because a costume could be stunning, but if the photos lack a sense of drama, motion and appropriate setting, the artform is lost.

One of the best cosplay photographers around  goes by the moniker Ashitaro. A member of the ever vibrant Russian cosplay community, she has a large photo gallery spanning all fandom genres and types.

One of Ashitaro’s finer skills is selecting fantastic locales and settings for her photo shoots. It is obvious she must travel quite a bit to do her work, since we see terrain ranging from icy mountains to lush forests. The players feel to be in mid-action, you can sense the energy channeled through the still photos. Ashitaro brings out details in the costumes as well as the face, no matter the angle of the shot.

Safe to say, I’ve extremely impressed.

– E.B.


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