Wednesday Cosplay – Arkham City’s Caped Crusaders

This week’s cosplay features the “Arkham Knights

Gotham’s most feared twosome appear in stunning accuracy in this Arkham City cosplay.  Starring Caleb Bonney as Batman and Marc Anthony Graver as Robin, this dynamic duo have appeared at various Cons and events. You can find their Facebook Page fan page here. You can also look at their various photo shoots and timeline production shots by going to their albums page.

I have to say, these guys have some sick threads. The detail work in each outfit is awesome, and it’s obvious they are constructed with high grade materials and fabrics. Even their utility belts, boots and gauntlets/arm guards look professionally made. The colors are well aligned with the video game designs, and they even took the small emblems and embellishments into consideration. Often times, caped crusader cosplays look cartoonish or campy, but these guys look like they could actually fight crime. Even their capes strike fear in the hearts of criminals and ne’er-do-wells with their intimidating flourishes.

These guys have a sense of posture, presence and fighting flair in their photos. I love the movement and action sequences in many of their shots, you feel like you are actually looking at real movie stills. Overall, this is one of the best super hero cosplays I’ve seen on the Internet, especially for Batman and Robin.

– E.B.


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