Webcomic Wednesday – The Phoenix Requiem

 This week’s featured comic is The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton.

What’s the Deal?: In a Victorian inspired world, this webcomic features a supernatural fantasy story about what we believe and who we believe in a world of life and death.

On a mysterious night, a dashing gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, bleeding out from a gun wound in his side. Anya, the local nurse, manages to save his life and restore him to health. Soon there is a deadly plague outbreak, brought forth by the tortured spirits of the dead, drawn to the stranger for some unknown reason. As they learn of the nature of his blessing/curse, it becomes apparent that Anya will have to risk everything to save the people she loves.

The Characters: Anya is one of the most well characterized female protagonists I’ve seen in the webcomic world. The citizens of the town of Esk are very endearing, and the quaint town itself develops a personality of sorts over the course of the story.

The Art: The art is consistently gorgeous- Ellerton draws beautiful people in a beautiful and terrifying world. This webcomic is on the same tier of a professional graphic novel.

Safe for Work?: I’d give it a PG-13 rating – safe for work but not for the kiddies.

Frequency of Updates:  Phoenix Requiem is finished, there are no foreseen sequel plans.

– E.B.


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