Deus Ex: The Fall Review

The Deus Ex franchise finds its way onto iOS in all its augmented societal glory with this full fledged adventure.

Platform: iOS, available for iPhone and iPad

Release Date: July 10, 2013

Price: $6.99

Players: Singleplayer

Reviewer: Elizabeth Brooke (NerdAtlas)

This multi-hour game brings much of the recent (and impressive) Deus Ex: Human Revolution successfully to the small screen. The Fall is a direct sequel to the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. Playing the roll of Ben Saxon, your quest is to learn the true nature of the Neuropozine shortages sweeping Panama City. It’s a mystery tale, with twists and turns and a wham-bang cliffhanger. While the plot might not be the most original, I found it engrossing and enjoyable all the same. This game kept me hooked until the bitter end, and I felt that playing The Fall was several hours well spent when the credits rolled.



This iOS game comes with many of the aspects that made the console installment of Deus Ex worthwhile. You still have optional side missions, daring escapes, hackable doors and the other hallmarks of the series, which help set The Fall apart as a legitimate iOS game as opposed to a cheap mobile tie-in.

The visual presentation of this game is stunning. Panama City feels like a dense urban jungle with glowing neon signs and trash laden streets. You have the freedom to explore remote or secluded areas and search out loot in the city slums. I forgot I was playing an iOS game at points the graphical fidelity was so impressive.

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